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● ECO-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: 100% REAL wood handmade to promote a green and healthy environment.

● ANTI-REFLECTIVE SHADES: Say goodbye to intense and blinding sunlight. Our POLARIZED glare-eliminating lenses are guaranteed to let you see things in more clarity under harsh lighting conditions.

● 100% UV400 Protective Lenses blocking all UV light rays including UVA and UVB for the highest level of protection.

● ULTRALIGHT WEIGHT: With stainless steel spring hinges, these sunglasses prove to be a great fit.

● CLEAN WITHOUT A HASSLE: Our sunglasses can be wiped clean with just a rub of the Microfiber Pouch.

● EASY TO CARRY: The sunglasses come with microfiber pouch that makes it easy to carry.

Be it Zebra,bamboo,Walnut Or SandalWood; we offer an incredible combination of style that preserves nature. Our wooden sunglasses are guaranteed to exceed your expectations with new designs and styles. Perfect for fun-filled adventures, these sunglasses are easy to carry, and above all, they also provide safety from intense lighting through Polarized and 100% UV400 protection lenses.


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